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What is Bipolar Disorder?

According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, nearly six million American adults are affected by bipolar disorder each year.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder and form of depression that causes intense mood swings of manic highs and depressive lows. It can be caused by a combination of genetics, environment, and brain chemistry. Left untreated, it can severely debilitate a person’s everyday life.

At Mind Balance Infusions, we know how debilitating this condition can be – that’s why we believe in ketamine treatment. Up to 70% of patients report relief after just one ketamine infusion, unlike the weeks or months it can take using other treatment options.

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Manic Highs

Manic Highs

During a manic phase of bipolar disorder, a person might feel unusually energetic, jumpy, or even agitated. For others, they may have a heightened sense of self-esteem or increased talkativeness. This may also result in sped-up thought processes and poor decision-making.

Depressive Lows

Depressive Lows

On the other end of the spectrum, depressive episodes can make a person feel fatigued and saddened, just like in clinical depression. You may lose interest in hobbies or find changes in sleep and eating patterns. You may also have difficulty concentrating or have suicidal thoughts.



Often misbelieved to be a condition itself, psychosis is actually a symptom of other conditions - notably, bipolar disorder. Symptoms of bipolar psychosis during a manic episode include decreased performance in your everyday life, worsened hygiene, difficulty communicating, and social isolation.
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How IV Ketamine Can Help

Living with bipolar disorder can make everyday life a challenge. Taking the time to seek treatment for yourself is an accomplishment you should celebrate. At Mind Balance Infusions, we know how hard it can be to keep trying treatments and not see results – that’s where ketamine infusion comes in.

Studies show that up to 75% of patients report improvement in their symptoms after just a single ketamine infusion.

Ketamine treatment at Mind Balance works by targeting bipolar disorder itself by interacting with the NMDA receptor and glutamate – two parts of the brain essential for communication and connection.

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