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What is OCD?

OCD affects more than 2 million American adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. One-third of adults with PTSD developed it first in childhood.

Although it can present in many forms, the most commonly recognized forms of OCD are a fear of germs or the need to compulsively count and order things.

At Mind Balance Infusions, we know how debilitating this condition can be – that’s why we believe in ketamine treatment. Up to 70% of patients report relief after just one ketamine infusion, unlike the weeks or months it can take using other treatment options.

Ketamine as a rapid acting treatment for anxiety and OCD



A common concentration of OCD, contamination is when a person fixates on germs and the possibility of contracting an illness. This usually results in intrusive thoughts that cause anxiety and distress, further leading to compulsions like excessive handwashing and avoidance.



Checking is a subset of OCD where a person feels an obsessive need to keep checking something, regardless of whether it makes sense. An example would be obsessively checking to make sure the stove is off before leaving for work, even if you haven't used the stove at all that day.



Some people with OCD find themselves compelled to organize and clean. The way you organize according to your OCD thoughts may only make sense to yourself. OCD causes the brain to create patterns to cope with intrusive thoughts, but if these patterns are broken, the thoughts just get worse.
man happy after ketamine for ocd by Mind Balance Infusions in the Woodlands, TX

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How Ketamine Helps OCD

Living with OCD can make everyday life a challenge. Taking the time to seek treatment for yourself is an accomplishment you should celebrate. At Mind Balance Infusions, we know how hard it can be to keep trying treatments and not see results – that’s where ketamine infusion comes in.

Studies show that up to 75% of patients report improvement in their symptoms after just a single ketamine infusion.

Ketamine treatment at Mind Balance Infusions works by targeting the OCD itself by interacting with the NMDA receptor and glutamate – two parts of the brain essential for communication and connection.

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