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"I Noticed Myself Smiling More"

Alice's Story

“I’ve been in therapy on and off for more than 30 years since I was 5, and on depression medication for more than a decade. Nothing seemed to work. I couldn’t stop imagining killing myself in increasingly vivid daydreams…

It wasn’t my goal to be on the vanguard, just to get better, but I am an early adopter of a treatment that could one day help millions of people with chronic depression. After a full [ketamine]treatment cycle, my suicidal thoughts went away…

I was beginning to connect with the world outside my head again. I noticed myself smiling more. After the final infusion, I had the initiative to start writing again. The following week quickly filled up with activities, both work, and fun. I was living for the first time in months. It’s been three months since my last treatment, and I’ve even started to feel excited about my future.”

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"A Switch Had Been Flipped in My Brain"

Zoe's Story

“I had been severely depressed for most of my life, but that summer five years ago, even the most mundane tasks became insurmountable. I spent days on the couch where I rarely spoke, my mind so dull I struggled to form words. I lay awake at night thinking, I can’t go on like this.

Although I felt at peace during the treatment, my depression didn’t subside right away. After three treatments, the doctor suggested it might not be worth the cost of continuing. Between infusions three and four I agonized over whether to keep going. Since I had already tried everything else, giving up on this meant giving up entirely.

Thankfully everything changed after my fourth infusion. It was as though a switch had been flipped and my brain lit up. I noticed color creeping back into the world, and the hard knot of dread and dispassion in my chest melted away.

My productivity skyrocketed. Within a couple of weeks, I had cleaned and organized my apartment, applied to and been hired at two jobs, started a meditation practice, and begun learning a new language.”

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