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I feel like our brains are akin to computers. They want to run efficiently. Sometimes, when we think a thought enough our brain will develop an easy, fast pathway and immediately “run the program”.

For example, If you constantly think “what is wrong with me?” your brain will go to work trying to find all of the answers to that question. With that question, you will also tend to have negative feelings associated.

With ketamine, it helps our brain make new connections and essentially gives our brain a “control Alt Delete” button. But your brain still needs to have new programming (thoughts) to help form positive connections.

That is where life coaching comes in. Life coaching assists you in giving you better thoughts to think. Thoughts like “What can I do today to honor myself”

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Life coaching is not therapy. Therapists diagnose and treat mental health conditions. Life coaching is not a substitute for a mental health professional but can be a very useful adjunct to therapy.